We believe that using bloggers to promote your destination is a great idea…we just believe most bloggers are doing it wrong.

  • You have a right to an ideal audience poised to act on the inspirational post.
  • You have a right to a return that lasts for years, not weeks.
  • You have a right to demand guaranteed visibility.

We believe that it’s time for a new way to work with bloggers. Are you ready?

“The Blairsville-Union County Chamber of Commerce has been extremely pleased with the quantity of material and dynamic exposure we have received working with 365 Atlanta Traveler. Not only are Sue and Lesli a pleasure to work with, but I have experienced them going the extra mile to get the story right, plug us in wherever possible, and provide us with a tremendous return on investment.”

Tobie Chandler, Blairsville Chamber of Commerce

“October was our biggest month ever on our website, and we attribute a lot of that to the work we did with 365 Atlanta Traveler. We can only tell visitors so much. Having a trusted site like 365AT promoting us gives added credibility to our message.”

Karla Haege, Gilmer Chamber of Commerce.